What is the story of the Victor's mother, Caroline Beaufort?

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Caroline was a lovely young girl, and her father was best friends with Victor's father.  They were subjected to financial difficulties and moved away.  During that time, Beaufort became very ill.  Caroline nursed her father tirelessly, and worried about their dwindling funds.  Victor's father found them and discovered Caroline and her ailing father.  In the tenth month of his illness, Caroline's father died in her arms.  Victor's father became Caroline's "protective spirit", and within two years the two were married despite the considerable difference in their ages.

This is probably why Caroline is so sensitive to those who are impoverished and in need of help.  Caroline's sensitive nature is the whole reason why Elizabeth comes to live with the Frankenstein family.

Victor tells all of this to Robert Walton in the first few chapters of the novel.

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