What sports did William Shakespeare like, and what happened to him at age of 15?

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William Shakespeare was one of eight children of Mary Arden and John Shakespeare.  William was a normal boy.  The was the third oldest of the children and enjoyed many sports.  He enjoyed football, and field sports.  It has been reported that he was a poor sport however, and he often got into conflicts with the referees and umpires during the competitions. 

John Shakespeare was fairly comfortable and because he was an alderman the children received a good education at no cost to their parents.  However, when William was 15 his father felt on hard times and there was not enough money to support the family.  William had to go to work.  His childhood over, he decided that rather than work like his father, only to end up poor, he would become an actor.

William Shakespeare is one of the greatest play-writes who ever lived.  His works are still required reading in schools across the world, but he began as a young boy just trying to make a living.

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