What are some words that would describe Creon from "Antigone"?

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Try the following:

Anxious--he took over the throne, not because he was the heir, but because he was the last male relative. He may fear that the people don't see him as a powerful or righteous leader. Along with anxious, I might include fearful.

Stubborn, unyielding and self-serving: He won't change his decree until it affect him personally--when Teirsias says that Creon will suffer because of his decree.

Arrogant: Creon won't take anyone else's opinion into consideration and he doesn't feel he should have to listen to Haimon because he (Haimon) is younger.

Biased: Creon doesn't think he needs to listen to those younger than him. He also doesn't feel women are of much use or have much to contribute.

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I would also suggest considering LOYAL as an adjective. The reason for this is that he, though stubborn about his position as king, is in fact loyal to that position and to the decree that he has made.  He made a decision and is not about to let his family become a reason for him to falter in his decree. Though we do see this as rather brutal, it does show him as being very much committed to his kingdom.


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