What are some things that differ between Simon and Jack?I'm writing a compare/contrast paper about Simon and Jack on the following subjects; Behavior, Personality Traits, and feelings. I'm also...

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Simon is unlike either division of the boys:  Jack's primordial side of human nature and Ralph's rational side who are "two continents of experience and feeling, unable to communicate" (Ch.3).  For, he represents the intuitive nature of humanity.  A loner, he is neither a little'un or a big'un and he seeks his secret place on the island.  Yet, he is more courageous than all the other boys.  For, unlike Jack, the savage who has repelled all vestiges of civilization who denies the beast's existence since he has not seen it, Simon confronts this beast first in the form of the pig's head--"the lord of the flies,"--and then in the "parody" of the dead parachutist.  These Simon intuitively knows symbolize the evil within human nature:  "You knew, didn't you?  I'm part of you?....U'm the reason why...things are what they are?" (Ch.8). But, because his knowledge is intuitive rather than rational, Simon is unable to articulate his message before the savage hunters kill him.

Too sensitive to adjust to circumstances, in an earlier scene in Chapter 4, Simon's vulnerabilty to the savage nature is foreshadowed in the scene in which the boys scramble toward the raging fire on top of the mountain.

Simon, struggling with the bushes, caught his breath.  His face was twisted.  Ralph blundered on, savaging himself, as the wisp of smoke moved up....Ralph reached inside himself for the worst word he knew.

Here are hints that Simon has no vestiges of the savage--not even the survivor instinct that controls Jack--and he cannot "reach inside himself" for the words he needs to communicate.

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