What are some similarities and differences between utopian religion and Catholic religion??I am writing an essay on religion in Utopia and would like some help to establish if there were any basic...

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It seems to me that there are many more differences than similarties between the religion of Utopia and the Catholic Church (especially as it was in More's day).

As far as similarities, all the people of Utopia are monotheistic, even if they don't belong to the same religion.  They believe in a god who is the "father of all."  They believe that there is an afterlife in which they are treated as they deserve -- based on their actions in life.

The major difference is in the amount of toleration that exists.  People are not required to acknowledge any particular religion -- they just have to accept (at least in public) the basic ideas laid out above.  Priests can be either men or women and they do not need to be celibate (both of which are still not true of the Catholic Church today.)

So religion in Utopia is much less authoritarian and dogma-driven than the Catholic Church was.  It is more tolerant of other religions than the Church was in those days as well.

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