What are some relevant quotes that show how deceiving, ruthless, cruel, power hungry and Lady Macbeth is in the text?  it's just that i need to found quotes that show her qualities and her...

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Lady Macbeth is a cold, calculating woman, especially in the first two acts of the play.  As time goes on, her conscience begins to bother her until she goes insane in Act 5 and kills herself.  This proves that she does have a conscience, but she is able, early on, to squelch that part of her.  One quote that displays this ruthlessness is Act 1, sc. 5, ll. 16-20 when she laments the fact that Macbeth has too much kindness and too much conscience to commit murder.  In that same scene, the soliloquy she utters right before Macbeth enters the scene is more proof of that (ll. 44-60).  In fact, most of scene 5 shows how ruthless Lady Macbeth can be.  Scene 7 of Act 1 is similar.  Lady Macbeth's blood-thirsty ways are evident is most of what she says in that scene, especially her speech in ll. 54-67.  Then in Act 2, immediately after Macbeth kills Duncan and he enters the room where Lady Macbeth is and has blood on his hands, he says, "This is a sorry sight."  Lady Macbeth says, "A foolish thought, to say a sorry sight." This indicates that while Macbeth shows remorse for having killed Duncan, his wife has no such feelings.  Then, later in the scene, she berates him again for not putting the daggers on the guardsmen and says she'll do it.  Then she says that he should not be so upset by the blood on his hands; it's no big deal and a little water is all that is needed to wash away the blood and the guilt (ll. 85-94).

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