What are some questions from part 3 of 1984 (by George Orwell) that could lead to discussion and controversy?  



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There are very profound questions one could ask of George Orwell's 1984 (with focus on part three). Here are multiple questions which will create discussion and bring out controversy.

- What is the meaning of "War is Peace?"

- What is the meaning of "Freedom is Slavery?"

- What is the meaning of "Ignorance is Strength?"

- If the purpose of torture at the Ministry of Love is not to obtain confessions alone, what is the true purpose?

- How effective is it to use a person's greatest fear against him or her?

- What is the significance of "two and two make five?" Are there any circumstances where this is actually true?

- Why must one be broken in order to find the truth?

- What is important about having a true belief, without any concerns or questions, regarding a group's ideology?

- Are there any problems with a group whose individual members fail to question anything?


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