In Lord of the Flies what are some powerful quotes from Piggy from throughout the novel?

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In one of the group's many "assemblies" Ralph is referring to how things are getting out of control, and how the littluns are letting their fear of the unknowns in the forest get the better of them.  Piggy states that there is no beast and "I know there isn't no fear either...unless we get frightened of people."  This turns out to be a prophetic statement, as in the end, the boys end up hunting each other, and their fear of being killed by each other is a tangible reality.

Later, Piggy states very incisively of Jack that "I know about people.  I know about me.  And him.  He can't hurt you:  but if you stand out of the way he'd hurt the next thing.  And that's me."  This also is very insightful of Piggy, and foreshadows his future demise.  He has a sense for people, and can sense Jack's wildness.

Then, right before his death, he asks pertinent questions:  "Which is better-to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?...Which is better, law and rescue or hunting and breaking things up?"  He gets to the crux of the matter, the conflict that has been tearing the boys apart from the beginning.  Do we establish civility, laws and order, or do we turn everything over to chaos?  Unfortunately, these are his last words, his final rhetorical mark on the boys.

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