What are some other ways of saying "there are two sides to every coin?" By other sayings, I mean something less cliché.



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You could say that the Sun may rise in the east, but it surely sets in the west.  How about, "Where one sits depends upon where on stands." 

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Hmmmm....Of course, the obvious "You can't judge a book by its cover" would be the natural cliche twin. But let's think a bit broadly here:

1. The eyes don't always reveal the soul

2. An eagle looks differently, depending if you are a photographer or a mouse---you could stick in any animal with a predator/prey connection

3. Sometimes, those Jelly Bellies can be decieving!

4. Trying on a lots of glasses makes one see more clearly


Hope that helps!

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Hi there.

Perhaps the following may be of use to you:

-An interpretation of one's character may be very different from another's perspective.

-People are complex and are not 'flat' characters.

-People react differently in different situations; you cannot 'pigeon-hole' people.

-Character archetypes do not hold true in complex storylines like 'Silence of the Lambs'

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