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What are some of Jonas's character traits?List like 5 or 6 character traits of Jonas,...

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What are some of Jonas's character traits?

List like 5 or 6 character traits of Jonas, also list an example and a quotation from the book.

eg.  Jonas is Brave

- He actually wanted to feel the pain
- He left to go elsewhere and never come back

Quotation: "Oh, I remember that sunburn you gave me on the very first day. But that wasnt so terrible. What is it that makes you suffer so much? If you gave me some of it to me, maybe yours would be less." page. 107

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Posted February 3, 2012 at 12:50 AM (Answer #1)

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Jonas is introspective.  He wonders which word best describes his feelings, and he questions himself and his reaction as he learns about his community.

Apprehensive, Jonas decided. That's what I am. (Chapter 1, p. 4)

Jonas is compassionate.  Jonas worries about The Giver, and accepts pain so The Giver won’t feel it.  He also gives some of his new memories to Gabe to soothe him.

The Giver looked up at him, his face contorted with suffering. "Please," he gasped, "take some of the pain."

Jonas helped him to his chair at the side of the bed. Then he quickly removed his tunic and lay face down. "Put your hands on me," he directed, aware that in such anguish The Giver might need reminding. (Chapter 15, p. 118)

Jonas does not hesitate to help The Giver.  He only considers easing The Giver’s pain, and not the pain he will feel himself.

Jonas is humble.  He never tries to abuse his power, and he is uncomfortable with respect he feels he has not earned.

"Oh, please," he replied uncomfortably. "Call me Jonas." (Chapter 10, p. 73)

Jonas is a complex character, and these quotes help describe him.


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