What are some of the conflicts in Raymond's Run, and are they internal, external, or anything else?

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The conflicts a character facesĀ are either external or internal. Both of these conflicts exist in "Raymond's Run", and Hazels' internal and external conflicts stem from the same sources. Hazel's internal conflicts have to do with her love of running and her love of Raymond. Hazel exudes confidence on the outside about her running, but she feels the pressure of maintaining her reputation as a fast runner. She wouldn't be human if she didn't worry about being able to continually prove herself on the track. There's no doubt that Hazel loves Raymond, but she also feels burdened by having to care for him. She must feel conflicted about the time it takes away from her running to take care of her brother.

Her external conflicts are with those who would hurt Raymond with their unkind remarks and with those who would threaten Hazel's reputation as the fastest runner. Mary Louise, Hazel's former friend, tries to make fun of Raymond, but she is no match for Hazel's caustic defense of him. Mary Louise represents all of the people who would make fun of Raymond or any other handicapped person. Hazel's external conflict about her running is with Gretchen, the new girl in school.



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