What are some adjectives to describe characters from Romeo and Juliet?

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A adjective is a part of speech which describes, or modifies, a noun or pronoun. Adjectives can be used to provide descriptions of characters in a text.

Some of the adjectives, used to describe characters in William Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet," are as follows.

-Conversation between Sampson and Gregory (I,i): choler (angry), valiant, weak, cruel.

-Conversation between Romeo and Benvolio (I,i): sad, gentle, tyrannous, rough, depressed, lost, sick, rich, blind.

-Conversation between Capulet and Paris (I,ii): old, honorable, pride, younger, happy, lusty,

-Conversation between Romeo and Benvolio (I,ii): burning, anguished, desperate, languish, crazy, and tormented.


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