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What is the Social Predestination Room in Brave New World?

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What is the Social Predestination Room in Brave New World?

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The Social Predestination Room is one step in the process of human birth in Brave New World. The first step is the Fertilizing Room, then comes the Bottling Room. Next is the Social Predestination Room. This room contains "eighty-eight cubic metres of card index...containing all the relevant information," meaning the genetic coding that will determine the social class in which the new person will be born.

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In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, the government has taken complete control of the processes in which procreation occurs.  In line with Huxley's depiction of bureaucracy and science run amok, his "world" has divided the reproductive process into a series of stages, beginning with the Fertilizing Room, and continuing on through the Social Predestination Room.  It is here, in this room, where the fertilizing eggs were processed for assignment and distribution. As Huxley's narrator describes the environment within the Social Predestination Room:

“Eighty-eight cubic metres of card-index,” said Mr. Foster with relish, as they entered. “Containing all the relevant information,” added the Director. “Brought up to date every morning.” “And co-ordinated every afternoon.” “On the basis of which they make their calculations.”

Those calculations, of course, involve the eventual destination for the fertilized eggs -- an essential step in the process by which the government bureaucracy determines who is permitted to have a child and when.  Huxley has taken the concept of an omniscient autocratic regime to its logical extreme, with population control micromanaged from above.


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