What are the six main types of restaurant menus. I know that there is table d'hote. what are the other 5?



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Here a few more types of restaurant menus:

  1. Static Menu-A static menu is a menu that is often laminated for easy cleanup. It is usually separated into groups such as appetizers, soups and salads, entrees, desserts, etc. Fast food restaurants often have these types of menus. They are the most common.
  2. A'la Carte Menu-These types of menus feature items sold individually. For example, if a steak is ordered it will not come with a salad or potato. Those would need to be ordered separately. Higher class restaurants often use these types of menus.
  3. Du Jour Menu-This kind of menu features an item of the day and changes every day. They are usually focused on seasonal items. Another name for these menus are "chalkboard menus" because they are often written on chalkboards.
  4. Cycle Menu-These menus offer specific items for each day. For example, fish may be served every Friday, Italian every Saturday, etc. The cycles do not have to run weekly but may run bi-weekly, monthly, etc.
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There is also a Prix Fixe Menu Offering a meal at a fixed price. Example You may choose soup or salad. Choose one of the 3 appetizers. Choose one of the four entrees. Choose one of the three desserts. For 49.00 per person.

Prix Fixe menu is French

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I have another one a Fixed Menu: Is where you put out a list of what is going to be served. You don't get a choice in what is served.

Used for Caterings and at Fancy Restaurants

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I have another one A la carte menu: Is one in which you choose and pay for each item seperately.

Semi a la carte menu: Are menus that sells appetizers and desserts at a seperate price.

Continental Menu: Are Breakfast Menus.

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Another is Table D Hote Menu: It is just like a Prix Fixe Menu.

I give you more about menu information.

What other types of establishments might offer fixed menus?

Mall Eating Places, Hotels, Fast Food Restaurants

The menu plays a vital role in the food service operations. The menu makes the customer for the cunclusion. Menu makes the server for better approach. The menu helps the customer by consuming less time. It also helps the customer by displaying the price of the item easily. This is Explain 4 ways the menu impacts a foodservice operation.

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Here is some more about Menus

List at least 4 factors that influence menu planning?

What is in season, How many people will the menu be serving, What is the occassion, What is the budget for the meal.

Who is responsible for planning the menu at a Hotel, Nursing Home and chain restaurant.

Hotel: Hotel Manager, Kitchen Manager/ Nursing Home: Dietition or Nutritionist. Restaurant: Restaurant Manager

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List the principles of menu planning?

There is a total of 10 but I know only 6 of them

It should be balanced, It must not be too expensive, It must satisfy a market need, It must comply with the total meal experience, It should be within the culinary range of the kitchen. It should be enable the target gross profit to be achieved.


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Spoken Menu: A list of available foods and prices that a water will tell you after seated.

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