What is the similarity between Adam's character and Celia's character in the play As You Like It?I want the answer in around 120-170 words Please help me.  I am in a great need of it, as I want to...

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Adam and Celia are similar in their loyalty -- Adam to Orlando and Celia to Rosalind.  Both leave the court for the Forest of Arden as a show of this loyalty and solidarity to Orlando and Rosalind, even though this puts them in league with the characters who are out of favor at the court.

Adam was the servant of Orlando and Oliver's father, but has stayed on after his death to continue to watch over his property and his sons.  He recognizes that Orlando is being ill-treated by Oliver and decides to cast his lot with Orlando, fleeing with him to the Forest as his good and faithful servant.  He chooses to serve where he feels the most loyalty, not where it would seem he owes the most duty.

Celia is not Rosalind's servant, she is her cousin, but Celia does feel such a strong bond of loyalty to her cousin that she decides to leave with her when Celia's father banishes her (as he did his brother, Rosalind's father) from the court.  Celia also chooses a bond of love and loyalty over duty.

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