What similar strategies did leaders in Germany, Italy, and Japan use to transform their nations into strong world powers before WWII?


World War II

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The leaders of these countries mainly tried a two-pronged strategy.  They tried to build their militaries and to take over some amount of empire.

Germany and Japan, in particular, tried to increase the power of their militaries.  Germany had to rebuild after not being allowed much of a military after WWI.  Japan had not been deprived of a military, but it had also not been a first rate power.  Therefore, it pushed to increase the power of its military as well.

All three countries were eager to expand their territory in the time before WWII.  Germany annexed Austria and, eventually, all of Czechoslovakia.  Italy tried to take an empire in Africa.  Japan built up its possessions in Micronesia and Manchuria and then looked to take more of China.

In these ways, all of these countries tried to become major powers in the 1930s.

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