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What is the significance of the final scene where all of the actors are together on...

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What is the significance of the final scene where all of the actors are together on stage with their costumes in a process of transformation that is not complete “Until each actor wears an odd combination of her or his various costumes.”

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I think that the significance of the ending is to bring a bit of modernity to the Shakespearean conception.  The fact that the actors and their costumes are not perfectly aligned might be indicative of how Constance has been able to convince Juliet and Desdemona to move away from their tragic capitulations and embrace a modern perspective that is willing to tolerate vagueness, ambiguity, and a sense of the uncertain.  In this, there is consciousness that is not entirely structured perfectly or entirely complete.  The characters who are assembled in costume who feature "odd combinations" represent the modern sensibility where there is a sense of the oddity that accompanies being in the world.  Embracing a dramatic and tragic sensibility is relatively easy in that it is designed and preordained.  Constance has succeeded in bringing depth to Juliet and Desdemona and in their depth and capacity for life, there will be a sense of the odd and the awkward, as such is being and consciousness.  Through the ending, one in which costume arrangement represents thematic significance, this becomes evident.


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