What should be a good thesis for the following essay topic of A Streetcar Named Desire? Explain why the phrase "The Queen of Denial" can be used to describe Blanche Dubois.  Please provide...

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Remember that a thesis to a five-paragraph essay has a general statement followed by three opinions which are supported with reasons and textual evidence.  Thus, in the thesis on Blanche duBois's being "the queen of denial," to in which parts of the play she exhibits this characteristic.  Then, as the three opinions, you want to state which aspects of her character demonstrate these denials.

For instance, you could quote Blanche's remark "Haven't you ever ridden that streetcar named Desire?" as an introduction to her characteristic of self-denial, a desire for something other than reality.  In her sexual desires she is in denial, in her clinging to memory and dreams of Belle Reve she is in denial, and in her recognition of reality she is deceptive, using lighting and other illusions to appear younger.

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A great way to go about creating a thesis based on the prompt would be to explore the character of Blanche.  Throughout the play, there are many examples where she either acts as a "queen" or is in "denial".  Compile these examples and separate them into categories.  Blanche is a very interesting character and there are many different scenes where the title "Queen of Denial" is appropriate.

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