Who are the characters (with descriptions) in "The Necklace", what is the setting, and what is the plot?

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Guy de Maupassant's “The Necklace” is set in Paris in the late 1800’s. The plot revolves around a young woman, Mrs. Loisel, and her husband, Mr. Loisel, who attend a ball meant for people of much higher social status than they.

Mrs. Loisel is a young housewife who dreams of a more glamorous life. Her husband is a good man who is happy with his station in life and doesn’t really understand his wife’s frustration with their lower-middle class lifestyle. One day they are invited to a high society ball. For the occasion, Mrs. Loisel borrows what she believes to be an expensive necklace from a well-to-do friend, Madame Loisel, which she then loses. She and her husband secretly buy Madame Loisel another necklace, and then spend many years paying off the debt.

The weight of the debt keeps them in poverty for the next twenty years or so, and Mrs. Loisel has to work at grueling manual labor jobs to help come up with the money. In the process she loses her beauty, but gains a work ethic and a certain acceptance of her fate, shedding her unhappiness with her place in the world. The story has an ironic twist at the end which reveals that the necklace was a fake and didn’t cost much at all. The Loisels could have avoided all the trouble if they’d told Madame Loisel about losing the necklace in the first place.

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The story is set in Paris. The characters who get described are the main ones in the story: Madame Loisel and her husband, and (to a lesser extent) Madame Forestier.

You'll find a summary of the plot in that section of the enotes study guide on the story.

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the setting is somewhere in paris, france. During between the 18th to 19th century era.

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The setting can be real  or imaginary places eg;Paris, the cab,Madame Loisel house,madame Forestier house and all those places Mathilde imagine she should be.The main characters are Meadme Loisel and her husband and also Madame Forestier. The plot of this story is in ths last paragraph

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