In "The Lady or the Tiger?" what secret does the princess learn?

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The "hot-blooded" princess in "The Lady or the Tiger?" by Frank Stockton uses "power and a woman's will" to learn the secret of the two doors in the king's arena.  Her lover faces a horrible death if she were to fail.  Not only does she uncover the secret of the doors, behind which will hide the tiger, but she also uncovered the identity of the lady in question.  With this knowledge, the princess' decision to save her handsome young lover becomes infinitely more complicated.  The princess just happens to hate the lady that will pose as a potential reward and bride to her lover should he choose the correct door.  The climax of the plot depends upon her decision to save her lover from a terrifying tiger or to see him wed blissfully in the arms of the one woman she hates most. 


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