What is Scout's relationship with Aunt Alexandra like in 'To kill a mockingbrd'?scout's relationship with aunt alexnadra and quotes to explain the point about the relationship

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The first time we meet Aunt Alexandra, the relationship she has with Scout is contentious. Aunt Alexandra dislikes just about everything about Scout because she does not act like a girl. Part of this stems from Alexandra's disapproval of the way Atticus raises his children and it also stems from sterotypes of how a girl/boy should act. After Aunt Alexandra moves in, she begins to see that Atticus is doing a good job raising his children and by the time we see Aunt Alexandra host the missionary tea, Scout is beginning to see Auntie in a new light. By the end of the book, their relationship has come full-circle. Aunt Alexandra is deeply worried about the kids and the attack by Bob Ewell. The final action that shows the two have come to understand and like each other is when Auntie gives Scout her overalls to put on after the attack; the "old" Auntie never would have done that willingly.

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Aunt Alexandra comes onto the scene like a bull in a china shop. She is opinionated and very concerned about what society says is right. Scout dislikes her tremendously from the beginning. Aunt Alexandra criticizes the way Scout dresses, the way Atticus raises his children and complains about some of the things Cal does. Aunt Alexandra's judgmental attitude does nothing for Scout. Atticus asks his sister to come and help out while the trial is going on. Scout and Jem are not thrilled at the prospect of having their Aunt watching them, but they go along with what Atticus says.

As the story moves along, Scout and Aunt Alexandra begin to see each other in a different light. Scout spends more time with her and sees what it would be like to have a mother figure in her life. She begins to open up more and trust her aunt. Aunt Alexandra has become very attached to the children. She becomes less strict and seems to finally be able to relax a little.

By the end of the story, Aunt Alexandra truly loves the children. When the threat from Bob Ewell becomes more real, Aunt Alexandra is really concerned for the safety of Jem and Scout. On the fateful night of the Halloween pageant, we see the real fear of Aunt Alexandra. When she hands Scout a pair of overalls to change into after that fateful night, we see that Aunt Alexandra and Scout have forged a bond that will last a lifetime.   


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