What is a scientific theory?



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The scientific theory first starts with the development of a hypothesis. A hypothesis deals with the best estimation, based on scientific knowledge and assumptions, of the results of an experiment. A hypothesis typically leads to the crucial questions that must be addressed in the lab: did you find what you expected to find? Why or why not? The point of an experiment is to test the hypothesis.

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It consists of a set of related ideas about nature. They have been thoroughly tested by many scientists and proven to be true about about a certain aspect of nature. It can be used tomake accurate oredictions and estimates about new situations not well understood yet. This means that if a theory proves to be the truth, then something else could have a similar behavior as well.

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an idea or belief that tries to explain why and how something in nature occurs

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Scientific Theory is an explanation formulated after rigorous experimenting of a hypothesis. It can also be said that scientific theory is the summary of different hypotheses, and when different hypotheses are supported with reasoning with the help of constant experimenting then a scientific theory is formed and it is then accepted as a valid explanation for an event.

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