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What satrical techniques are employed to mock advertising executives while this...

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What satrical techniques are employed to mock advertising executives while this advertisement is also meant to show that Mc Donalds is making people fat?

Can you please explain this in more depth? Thanks

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Obesity is a worldwide problem and is certainly not something people should be proud of. Advertisers should be helping consumers to curb their eating habits and change their lifestyles. The attached image reveals contempt  and the fact that advertisers have no intention of really helping in the struggle to improve our lifestyles.

Advertisers consistently present consumers with visual images to stimulate their desire for a particular product. The visual image in this picture is using sarcasm to make fun of that very concept. Who would be encouraged to buy from MacDonald's with that image in their heads?  

The wording is childish and contradictory as it is unlikely that it is making his "tummy happy." The image of a grown man ridiculing himself like this is contrary to all advertising practices as whilst it is common for advertisers to make absurd claims  the ridicule they induce would ordinarily be towards the unattractive whilst they would favor the attractive image - the opposite of what has been done here. The ad is certainly making a point and mocking advertisers themselves. 

"McLard" is also a name that conjures up distasteful images and would not persuade the average consumer to rush out and buy it. An advertiser, using this same diction (wording) who used a happy, smiling child, perhaps on a swing in a pretty garden would have more success but still the word "lard" should come back to "haunt" most people.

Any intent to show that  McDonald's is making people fat is perhaps too subtle in this advertisement although it may serve its purpose as no-one wants to sit down to a Mc-anything with that image in their heads!


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