What are the salient features of victorian age described by George Eliot in her work The Mill on the Floss? What are the historical, economical and religious features of Victorian age depicted by...

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One of the salient features of the Victorian age in the novel 'The Mill on The Floss' by George Eliot is the author's experiences of trying to conform to the restrictively conservative society of the age - particularly relating to girls and women. Unusually for some girls of her day, she recognised in herself an intellectual capability that was considered 'coarse' or 'unfeminine' in women at the time. Also unfeminine was the trait of impulsiveness - which Eliot had 'in spades.' She was also honest, forthright and passionate - qualities which did not endear her to more traditional society personages. Refusal of acceptance of these qualities in her caused Maggie (Eliot?) to feel rebellious, and later in the novel she fulfils the strong and managerial role she always knew she was capable of.

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