What is the "rythym of the island" in chapter 4 of Lord of the Flies?  

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The rythm of the island is described as follows:

"the slow sing from dawn to quick dusk," which suggests perhaps that the mornings felt slow, but as night approached, they terrors began to come upon the boys.  As the sun rises, the heat becomes something to be escaped it "became a blow that they ducked, running to the shade and lying there, perhaps even sleeping."

The description goes on to talk about the weird things that happened at noon, they saw things that didn't seem real, mirages and visions that came to the boys thanks to the incredible heat.

Then at night they "suffered unkonw terrors... and huddled together for comfort." They divided their days up according to the weather and the sun and the various things appropriate to each part of the day.

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The "rhythm of the island" is the boys daily routine. They are used to idyllic mornings, roasting hot afternoons and nights filled with nightmares.


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