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What rule does Ralph establish in "Lord of the Flies"?

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What rule does Ralph establish in "Lord of the Flies"?

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Ralph establishes the rule that whoever is holding the conch has the right to speak. Anyone else must listen. This is similar to raising one's hand in school and establishes the conch as a symbol of authority. At this point, a democratic order is established around the conch. Choices and decisions are shared by all. Together, they determine their situation, they realize they must fend for themselves, and the island looks capable of providing them with what they need. However, even as this chapter ends, the seeds of disorder are sown. The fire the boys built and found so necessary, gets out of control, causes an explosion, and results in the death of one little boy.The explosions from the fire that claim the boy’s life cause creeper vines to fly into the air looking like snakes. Ironically, they appear to be like the “snake-thing” the small boy feared would eat him. So, this makes the "snake-thing" something that could be real.

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Ralph uses the conch to connect all of them to what they know in a place where there is nothing but the unknown. Ralph uses the conch to ease the fear of their situation, although he himself does not fully understand or comprehend their situation. True, it is a devise, to establish "order" however it is a tangiable object that all the boys can see and concentrate on. It is a physical representation of hope, a way to lessen their fears to their immediate, inconprehensibile situation.

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