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What is the Romantic Ecology?I want you please to define the Romantic Ecology, and give...

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What is the Romantic Ecology?

I want you please to define the Romantic Ecology, and give me what critics said about it. Plus, the references to them and to the defination. And some examples of Wordsworth's, Coleridge's, and/or Shelley's works (poetry) of the Romantic Ecology. And who is the most famous poet with it, and who is the most critic's criticism is about Romantic Ecology.

Please, if you find this question tough or something, you could just answer the parts you know! :) I want at least some answers better than none. Thanks a lot!

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Romantic Ecologywas probably coined by Jonathon Bates in his book of the same name (1991). From what I've read, Bates attempts to put Wordsworth as the father figure or the starting point for ecocriticism. Given Wordsworth's, the other Romantic poets (and even the American Transcendentalists') affinity for nature and the connection between humans and nature, this makes sense. However, the criticism of diverting all ecocriticism back to Wordsworth is based on the fact that Romantic poetry is hardly political and comes from poets from a country which was, at the time, THE imperial power in the world: one which praised it's own "greenness," while exploiting it's colonies land. Also, feminist eco-critics may find fault with the patriarchy of Wordsworth's "father figure" status. So, there's kind of a hypocrisy there. I guess the consensus is to look to this kind of poetry as a romanticized praise of nature, but for hard core eco-critics, ecology also has to be political.

Some critics I've heard that are associated with eco-criticism: (I only know a few):

Raymond Williams, Greg Garrard, Cheryl Glotfelty.

The first link below is eco-critical works. The second is examples of ecological literature: these include the romantics, transcendentalists, etc.

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