" What is the role of the lesser characters of the jury in Twelve Angry men?" what are elements in these characters which reflect on the society of 1950.im struggling to construct and begin my...

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I just help need to expand on this questions, i have a few ideas which are listed in my intro. I was wonder if you can help me proof read it. Also need guidance on starting my paragraphs.


Lesser Characters in the play “Twelve Angry Men” is used to help better understand social and cultural values embodying US society in the 1950s. Through the portray of Juror 11 and 2, Reginald Rose delves into the civil and social injustices happening at the time of the play. Rose intends to highlight his audience about the Civil Rights Movement through Juror 11, defiant even under vast amount of scrutiny. Juror 2 representing the people affected under the reign of Joseph McCarthy, silenced in the fear of being attacked also corresponding to Ed Murrow who stood up against oppression. However many chose to be silent even with the complexities and flaws of US society which inturns is reflected in all the “lesser characters”.



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