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In "Fahrenheit 451," what is the role of family in the characters' lives,...

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In "Fahrenheit 451," what is the role of family in the characters' lives, particularly in relation to the TV parlor "families"?

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The parlor TV walls are actually interactive. They talk to the person who has signed up to engaged with them. Montag and Mildred have three walls and Mildred longs for a fourth so she can have a bigger role in the lives of the families on her programs. The TV walls take the place of real family interaction and the parts played by the owners are minute and meaningless, but it gives them the illusion of being part of the TV families. The entire society in the book is based on giving its members the illusions of actual feelings and relationships so the TV walls play their role to a tee. Family and relationships in general cause people from time to time to become unhappy and dissatisfied. The TV families can step in and give people the illusion of being part of a family without any of the pain or the joy that can come with actual relationships and interactions.


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