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What role does Simon play on the island in Lord of the Flies?I know he plays many...

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What role does Simon play on the island in Lord of the Flies?

I know he plays many figurative roles and holds a lot of symbolism in the story. But I need a role, for instance, Ralph is the chief, Jack is the hunter/leader of the rebels, Piggy is Ralph's adviser. What role does Simon play?

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Simon is the mystic, or spiritual leader.  Simon goes into trances due to an unnamed medical condition.  The description fits petit mal seizures, but the book doesn't elaborate.  Simon is the boy who is always kind to the other boys.  He is a worker who does not complain.  He seems to know and understand concepts before the others do.  In chapter 3, when Ralph is complaining that the boys aren't doing their fair share of the work because they are off playing, it is pointed out to Ralph that Simon is always there working and helping.  Then at the end of that chapter, we see Simon going off by himself and hiding under the creepers and bushes.  "Holding his breath he cocked a critical ear at the sounds of the island."  Then in chapter 5, at one of the assemblies that Ralph has called, when the littluns are afraid there is a beast on the island, Simon says maybe what they should fear is themselves, "What I mean is.....maybe it's only us." At the end of chapter 8, it is Simon who has the conversation with the Lord of the Flies when the Lord of the Flies tells Simon that indeed, the source of evil on the island is the boys themselves.  The conversation is only in Simon's head, so what is actually happening is Simon is coming to full understanding of what is going on.  He is finally able to articulate what is happening to the boys on the island as their society is disintegrating around them.  No one else, at this point, clearly understands what is happening - only Simon. 


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