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what is the right perception of the story "Devoted son" ?  what is the irony of the...

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what is the right perception of the story "Devoted son" ?

 what is the irony of the titile "Devoted son"?

whether the son was mechanical towards his father or his father took him wrongly due to  generation gap between him and his son?

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In this short story, Rakesh fulfils the obligation of the perfect son by first doing extremely well in academics, then building himself a prestigious and prospering career and later, marrying the girl of his mother's choice.In spite of the pressures of his marital and professional obligations, he devotes time for the well-being of his father. His professional integrity coupled with his concern for his father's health, leaves him with no choice other than to enforce a strict diet on  Varma.No where in the story can the reader notice any slackening or deriliction on the part of Rakesh. Mr.Varma's grudge and his tantrums are largely the creations of his own mind which obviously is upset with the demise of his wife. Though he does not express it, Rakesh must have been silently congratulating himself for having rising  up to the expectaions of his father and even beyond. It is a pity  he doesn't realize that expectations have no end. As for the title, there appears to be no irony of the title. The irony is in the reversed situation of the son being more mature and caring than the father. 

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