In "Macbeth," what is revealed about conditions in Scotland?Macbethact3

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In Act III, Scene VI, a discussion takes place between  Lennox and another Lord.  They are discussing the fact that Scotland, under Macbeth's rule is suffering.  The country is ruled by a tyrant, and Lennox is hopeful, as he says in this passage, that  Malcolm, with the help of the English King, can take the throne away from Macbeth reclaiming it for the rightful heir, Malcolm.

Lennox: ...that well might
Advise him to a caution to hold what distance
His wisdom can provide. Some holy angel
Fly to the court of England and unfold
His message ere he come, that a swift blessing
May soon return to this our suffering country
Under a hand accurs'd!(Act III.VI)

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Complete turmoil, the English with Malcolm were invading and lots of Macbeth's support had flown.

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