What are research topic ideas on Russian Revolution, Lenin or Bolsheviks.I am trying to narrow down on the topics and try to develop a thesis, but I can't think of anything that I can sustain a...

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This can be an interesting research topic. As with any revolution or war, there is a lot to it and many different ways to approach it.

First, you could discuss some of the reasons the Russian Revolution came about. For about seven hundred years the people of Russia and the surrounding countries that made up the Russian Empire, were basically serfs who had no power.

Depending on how narrow you want your topic to be, you could discuss a specific day; such as "Bloody Sunday." On January 22nd, 1905, St. Petersberg was the stage for a peaceful demonstration of factory workers and their families until the Imperial Guard gunned them down.

A popular topic is the mystery and contraversy surrounding Rasputin, the Tsarinas counselor and her hemophliac son's healer.

The actual Revolution is broken up into the 1905 Revolution, in which workers went on strike and the Tsar gave a few consessions; the Feuary Revolution, in which the Tsar abdicated and the Provisional Government took power; and the October Revolution, when the Bolsheviks took power.


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