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In light of the statement below, what is the "Renaissance Spirit?" Due to the...

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In light of the statement below, what is the "Renaissance Spirit?"

Due to the Renaissance, society had a desire to explore and go on adventure. Exploring would fulfil their personal desire to go on an adventure and explore and find new territories.

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There are a number of aspects to the spirit of the Renaissance, but we will focus on two of them that are most closely related to the statement given here.

First, the spirit of the Renaissance included the idea that human beings and their individual desires were important.  The Renaissance was a time of “humanism.”  It put more emphasis on the value of individuals than had previously been the case.  The statement given here argues that this gave people more of an incentive to fulfill their own personal desires and ambitions through exploration.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, the spirit of the Renaissance was partly a scientific spirit.  This was a time when people wanted scientific proof of things rather than simply accepting established truths on faith.  This is why, for example, Copernicus was not willing to simply accept that the sun orbited the Earth as everyone believed it did.  This spirit of scientific discovery helped bring about exploration as well.  It gave people more of a motive to explore so they could discover things about the world in which they lived.   It also gave them more ability to explore since it helped lead to scientific and technological advances that made exploration easier.

In these ways, the “Renaissance spirit” helped to bring about the age of exploration.

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