What is religious idealism?

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Americans are pretty good at looking at things with an idealistic viewpoint. We try to trust in the good of every situation.  We even attempt to teach in our schools with the ideals with which the nation was founded.  Despite what you might have believed or heard otherwise, America was founded on religious idealism.  We believe that our ideals are correct because we believe in the sovereign authority of God and His laws.  Our justice system is also founded on that premise.


I have attempted to attach a link to this post so that you can read an article I found on Google about religious idealism.  I hope it works for you.An Explanation of Idealisim 

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Religious idealism is a religion-term that believes in the fact that Gods, angels and spirits were the mastermind of the existence of human beings like us. It tells us that the existence of the omnipresent God is true. Everything in the Earth or the universe is God's creation and manifestation, so we must believe in him.

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