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what is religion?i want to know what exactly religion is.is it a mere belief in human...

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what is religion?i want to know what exactly religion is.is it a mere belief in human mind that there is an almighty who can save him when he is in trouble? why do people cling to their belief in religion? am an atheist,so i want a frank discussion on this topic.

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Religion has been defined as a "set of beliefs that gives meaning to the universe."  This doesn't necessarily mean belief in a God.  People are "religious" about all sorts of things - science, energy, success, themselves.

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Religion can also be defined as a belief in supernatural powers that control human destiny. There are literally hundreds of different religions, some worshipping a god and some that do not. Religion in general is very hard to define because there are so many takes and opinions on it.

I think that people are "religious" for a number of reasons. First of all, upbringing has a lot to do with our belief system. Also, believing in a god usually gives people a feeling that this life is not the end.

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There is no commonly accepted definition of religion. Different people and different experts have different view of religion. Many people associate the religion with belief in some entity generally described as God. But then different religions and even people within a formally defined religion may hold different views about the nature of God.

The only commonality between all religions is that they are all directed at guiding the individual behavior in directions that are expected to lead to their personal good as well as that of the society in general. To what extent such actions promoted by a religion actually lead to good of the individual and of the society is quite another matter.

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What a religion is ?

1.I think a particular system which represents perfect religious and social  teachings for every part of the world so there are very high moral values and which offers peace to every one. 
2.And a particular system which offers best economic system to the world that can finish poverty in the world.
3.And a particular system, teachings of which and beliefs of which are rational and logical.

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Religion is a very broad term which offers solution to every problem related to mankind. But there has been an evolution of religion as well.In the beginning religion did not encompass every perspective of human life but as human beings grew maturer the religion became broader. Actually to understand what religion is? needs more concentration and deeper attention with rational and logical approach. Every religion whether it is Islam, Christianity,Judaism, Buddhism,Hinduism, all religion came up with same purpose originally but with the passage of time they became corrupted.And lost their original purposes.Teachings of all Holy scriptures also became corrupted except Islam. Its a fact that so called clerics of Islam also tried to interpret Islam according to their understandings, so many confusions, created by these so called clerics of Islam, have also disturbed its original teachings. It is a long description which requires more space than available here. But it is only Islam which can offer best economic system to the world and all other religions fall short of such features as Islam owns.

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Religion is a complex social phenomenon. It involves a system of beliefs about a higher power and the meaning of life. In most religions there are some holy teachings recorded somewhere, such as the Bible. Basically religion is a way of explaining the universe and living your life.

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