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what is the real meaning when Daisy Buchanan says "I'm p-paralyzed with happiness"?With...

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what is the real meaning when Daisy Buchanan says "I'm p-paralyzed with happiness"?

With my understanding, Daisy is talking to Nick about her joyful and happy life. She is happy because she isn't aware of the surrounding environment. she is like a bird locked up in a cage, being traped in her own little bubble of happiness.

What do you think?

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There certainly seems to be a degree of choice involved in Daisy's professed happiness. This choice may relate to your idea that she is ignoring some circumstances of her life and marriage. The choice may also relate to a sense, on her part, that she is close to achieving some of her aspirations. 

Then again, we might take her tone as being sarcastic. 

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I think this line emphasizes Daisy's constant need to appear happy. She may truly be this happy to see Nick, but her tone suggests boredom. She needs to appear happy, but readers soon find out that she is not. This statement, juxtaposed with the hot, lazy day, show how much she tries to appear happy but ultimately fails.

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Daisy is someone very shallow in the story.Our attention is also driven towards her magnificient voice.However by saying that she is paralysed with happiness is not true.Rich people always use exagerated words to make u realise how important you are to them,when actually it is not true.It is the same case with Daisy,she uses exagerated words when she actually  does not mean it;dont fotget that she is someone very selfish in the story.

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