What is the reaction of Jack's tribe to Ralph's talk of rescue?

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When Ralph talks of the necessity of the fire and smoke for their hopes of rescue, Jack and his tribe break into laughter. Ralph is thoroughly angry at this reaction and an altercation ensues. Jack's group capture most of Ralph's and disarm them, while Jack and Ralph fight. Piggy is killed in this battle, and Ralph realizes there is no way to reason with them.

Ralph had good intentions in trying to talk reasonable with the other tribe, but he did not take into account that Jack's tribe does not think about rescue anymore. They are too deep into the savage mentality to be reasoned with , at this point.

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  1. Ralph proposed plans of keeping the fire going for signals and rescue, but Jack and his tribe break in to laughter. At this point, the boys were already too deep in to the mentality of a savage to care about rescue or civilization. Although Ralph had good intentions in his proposal, he ultimately realized that it was useless to reason with them anymore.

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