What are the quotes (with page numbers) that represent the theme of redemption from Amir, Baba, and Rahim Khan?Give at least 2 quotes (with page #) that represents the theme of "redemption" from...

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Amir has spent his whole life trying to get past his behavior of not helping Hassan when Assef was raping him.  He also had set Hassan up by placing his items in his room.  Hassan accepted the consequence as if he had stolen them and never told on Amir.  Amir suffered from insomnia after the incidents.  Amir stands up for Hassan's son in America by telling his wife's father that he is never to call the boy a Hazara again.

"And one more thing General Sahib,"I said.  "You will never again refer to him as "Hazara boy" in my presence."(361)

Though it does not directly say this is redemption, when Amir goes to run as  Sorab's kite runner in the end of the novel, he has taken Hassan's role with his son.  He tells Hassan's son that he will be his kite runner.  His redemption is in his decision to raise Hassan's son as his own.

"For you a thousand times over," I heard myself say.

Rahim Kahn redeems himself by sending for Amir to help Hassan's son.  By doing this he ahs helped to set Mair free and saves Hassan's child.

"There is a way to be good again, he'd said. A way to end the cycle."

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