What is the problem in Tangerine and how was it resolved?

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The conflict is one of a first born child getting all the attention of parents while the youngest is neglected. Erik is the shining star in his father's eyes. The Erik Fisher Football DreamĀ seems to be theĀ goal of the family. Paul is a talented soccer player whose life takes a back seat to his brother's. To add to the issue, Erik has something to do with his youngest brother's vision problem. Only, nothing is ever said in the family to reveal what really happened.

The resolution occurs after Paul assaults a coach at the football awards program. Paul runs away and heads home. When he encounters the gray subdivision wall behind his house where the words "Seagulls Suck" had been cleaned off, his flashbacks result in the reason his vision was so impaired. At that point, Paul no longer fears Erik, and helps to identify Erik and his friend Arthur as the cause of Luis Cruz's death. Erik's true nature is unveiled to his father, and the neglect of his youngest son is driven home.

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