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What are possible mental risks that can come out of use of DMT?My friend seems to be...

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What are possible mental risks that can come out of use of DMT?

My friend seems to be interested in trying DMT. I did research and of course, websites against use will tell you different then other websites so i have all this information and i dont know which is correct or incorrect. I want to know (regardless on what you think of DTM use) what information i should know to help my friend and i better understand the risks, if any. If some or all of these risks are less likely to happen, feel free to add that information as well. Trying to change his mind is not likely, so be honest. Thank you

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There is a common misunderstanding about DMT.  Since it is classified as a Hallucinogen, people tend to think of it working a lot like Ecstasy. Although they both work on the neurotransmitter Serotonin, which is know to produce the 'euphoria' feeling, DMT works on different Serotonin receptors in the brain.

The effects of this hallucinogen, is not one of euphoria... it's the opposite.  The drug opens the other part of your brain... the fearful hallucinations.  When taking DMT, one has to be mentally prepared for the level of fear one can exhibit.   The fear can be so frightful, almost like the worst nightmare of one's life.  Studies have shown that there is an increase risk of Suicide when taking DMT because that person cannot distinguish the fearful hallucination from reality.

In addition, if the person taking DMT has any family history of mental disorders and they posses the genetic trait, this drug has been known to trigger that trait.

For example, if my brother's genetic line has a history of Schizophrenia, yet he never shows or demonstrates any symptoms, taking DMT can open that door.  My brother did indeed try Ecstasy.  4 weeks later he started hearing voices.  2 years later, he is a full Schizophrenic.

Is this saying that your friend will become a Schizophrenic, not necessarily. But taking DMT to illicit this type of hallucination can indeed trigger a closed door in one's brain.  Hope that makes sense.

Read the link... scroll down to the 'conjecture' section and the side effect section.

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