what poet saying hereSometimes a troop of damsels glad, 55 An abbot on an ambling pad, Sometimes a curly shepherd-lad, Or long-hair'd page in crimson clad, Goes by to tower'd...

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The Lady of Shalott is confined to her castle where she weaves scenes of people traveling to Camelot, the famed and wondrous city of King Arthur.  She cannot look directly out the window of her castle because of a curse placed on her, so she views the scenes through a mirror.  She weaves what she sees in the mirror. The lines above are people  she sees in her mirror who are traveling to the city and castle with towers, Camelot.  Sometimes it is a group of happy girls; sometimes a priest who is walking slowing down the path; sometimes a shepherd boy with curly hair; or perhaps a long-haired page (a boy who attended knights during medieval times) dressed in red. 

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