What is the plot, setting, conflict, climax, theme and point of view of "The Cask of Amontillado," and who is the protagonist and antagonist?  Types of Points of Views: 1. omnisicient point of...

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PLOT.  Montresor decides that the time has come for him to enact revenge against the wealthy Fortunato. He lures him into his family's underground catacombs (which also serve as a wine cellar) under the pretense of sampling a rare bottle of Amontillado (a Spanish sherry). But there is no Amontillado. When the two men reach the deepest part of the catacombs, Montresor suddenly chains Fortunato to the floor. He then proceeds to wall up the niche in which Fortunato has been chained, leaving his adversary there to die. Montresor tells the story 50 years in the future--a perfect crime in which the body was never discovered.

SETTING.  In the "supreme madness of the carnival season," probably somewhere in Italy or France. Most of the action takes place in the underground catacombs of the Montresors.

CONFLICT.  Because of the untold "thousand injuries" inflicted by Fortunato upon Montresor, Montresor has decided to kill the man.

CLIMAX.   It comes when Montresor suddenly shackles Fortunato to the floor of the catacombs and begins walling the man up inside.

THEME.  A murderous revenge "with impunity" by Montresor is the main theme. Forgiveness and atonement is a lesser theme.


ANTAGONIST.  Fortunato.

POINT OF VIEW.  First person, with Montresor as the narrator.

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