What plans does Pip believe Miss Havisham has for him in "Great Expectations"? Why does he believe this?

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Pip believes that Miss Havisham plans to help him become a gentleman.  There are several reasons for his assumption:  He has seen Mr. Jaggers, who now tells him that he will have "Great Expectations," coming and going at Miss Havisham's and he knows no one else who is rich enough to support him as a gentleman.  Also, Mr. Jaggers is sworn to secrecy not to reveal Pip's patron, and Miss Havisham is eccentric enought to do such a thing.  When Mr. Jaggers tells Pip that his education is to begin, Jaggers mentions that Mr. Matthew Pocket, whom Pip knows as a relative of Miss Havisham, is to be his tutor; therefore, Pip perceives another connection with Miss Havisham

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