What is Peter Pan's shadow like and what does it mean?


Peter Pan

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Peter Pan's shadow seems to symbolize some sort of tie to the human world of the Darlings. Mrs. Darling sees Peter's face at the window and when he flees the window snaps his shadow off. Mrs. Darling rolls it up and puts it in a drawer.

When Peter returns, he is unable to attach his shadow with soap and Wendy offers to sew it back on for him. Interestingly, Peter takes credit for Wendy's actions. After Wendy attaches his shadow, Peter thinks he has done it himself. "How clever I am!" he cries, "oh, the cleverness of me!" The shadow scene shows that Peter is still boylike, and very self-involved.

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A Shadow- A object or yourself being reflected by the sun or light and is printed behind you or infront.

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