What parts of the nervous system are involved in causing the symptoms of shaken baby syndrome?i have to explain the parts of the nevous system that are involved in causing the symptoms of the...

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Shaken baby syndrome involves the brain which is part of the central nervous system.  Three features should be evident in order to make a diagnosis of SBS: subdural hematoma, retinal hemorrhage, and brain swelling.

A subdural heatoma is a collection of blood on the surface of the brain, usually caused by torn bridging veins on the outermost part of the brain.  A retinal hemorrhage is bleeding of the retina in the eye caused by physical trauma and can result in severe vision impairment.  Lastly, brain swelling occurs as a result of the brain being slammed against the walls of the skull.  Brain contusions cause intracranial pressure; because the brain is encased tightly within the skull, it has nowhere to go when it begins to swell.  This can be fatal if the pressure is not relieved by removing a piece of the skull and allowing the brain to swell.

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