On what part of the body is the dense connective tissue located?



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Connective tissue are tissues that support and connect other tissues. Dense connective tissue refers to the amount in a structure. Connective tissue is found all over the body. A few examples are: cartilage, adipose (fat), areolar, bone, and blood.

Cartilage is found in the ears, nose, and surrounding internal structures like the costal cartilage between the ribs. It is also found around articulations like the joint of the knee and shoulder. Adipose tissue is widely dispersed and is found in almost every area of the body. It surrounds organs like the kidney and serves as a form of protection. Areolar tissue is located around the mammary glands of the female and male. Some forms of connective tissue are also found in ligaments and inside the walls of certain blood vessels.

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they are divided into two parts:

tendons: they are tough and elastic. They connect skeletal muscles with bones


ligaments: they are formed of yellow elastic fibres and are bound together by areolar tissue.

they bind the bones together

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