In Fahrenheit 451, what is one of the three things Faber says is missing from society?

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One of the things that Faber highlights as missing from the society is leisure, the leisure to digest information received. The people are so brain washed and mind controlled by everything around them such that no one has the time to think about or process the information in their environment. Faber acknowledges that indeed, people have off hours, but even during these off hours their minds are not used to decipher information. Instead, people’s minds remain fully engaged in futile activities such as playing games or following the mind controlling broadcasts aired in the television parlors. The televised content is not only controlling but also rushed such that the viewers have no time to question or analyze what it is they have been fed with. This is unlike books which Faber points out a reader can “Play God” to by pausing from time to time to ponder on what they have just read.

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"Number One: quality of information. Number Two: leisure to digest it. Number Three: the right to carry out actions based on what we learn from the interaction of the first two."

These are the three things that Faber says society needs if it is to recover. Society needs access to good books again, not just comics. Society also needs the time to actually read the books and think about what they read. Society currently spends all its time not only not reading, but seeking thrills that leave out all room for thought. And lastly, society needs the freedom to act on what it learned from reading and thinking about books. These are the three things needed to help society become healthy again.

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