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What occurs after pollination that leads to fertilization of the egg cell in a...

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What occurs after pollination that leads to fertilization of the egg cell in a flower?

The pollen of the flower is carried from the anther of the stamen to the stigma of the pistil.The egg however s found in the ovary of the pistil. n order for fertilization to occur, an egg cell must unite with a sperm cell. So what occurs after pollination that leads to fertilization of the egg.

A.) Create a hypothesis to answer the question presented. Make sure to provide the details of your ideas.

B.) Describe an experiment that you could perform to provide some facts to support your hypothesis. Again, provide the detail of your experiment. State the type of evidence or act that would be necessary to support your idea.

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An experiment you could perform could test the hypothesis that pollen germinates in the pistil and makes a tube through which the sperm and egg can unite in the ovary, leading to fertilization, due to a chemical signal from the ovary. While you cannot see inside the stigma and style, you can do an experiment that shows germination of a pollen grain on a slide. Pollen grains can be transferred to a slide by tapping an anther, the male reproductive part of a plant,to release pollen. Next, you can add either a nutrient solution with calcium or crushed ovary to the slide and watch to see what direction a pollen tube will grow. That set-up would be the experimental set-up. As a control, you can add pollen to a different slide and a solution containing just water. Again, observe the growth(if any) of a pollen tube. If your hypothesis is correct, the direction of pollen tube germination should be toward calcium (which is a chemical signal) or toward bits of the ovary. Good luck.

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