What new song does Kino hear in chapter 2 of The Pearl?songs of family and life

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In the first chapter, we see Kino relaxed and enjoying his family.  His mind sings the song of the family.  When he sees the scorpion, his mind sings the Song of Evil. In his culture, his mind sings many songs depending on his feelings.

In the second chapter, Kino and Juana go out in the canoe to go pearl diving.  There is a song in the background that is basically a song of diving and the water. 

"...as he filled his basket the song was in Kino, and the beat of the song was his pounding heart as it ate the oxygen from his held breath, and the melody of the song was the gray-green water and the little scuttlilng animals and clouds of fish...." (pg 17)

This song is called the Song of the Undersea.(pg 18)   However, in this song there is a secondary song.  It is the Song of the Pearl That Might Be.(pg 17)   Every oyster they pulled up from the ocean floor might have a pearl in it. The odds were against it, but they still were looking for that one giant, perfect pearl.  Kino found the giant pearl, and it allowed him to dream dreams he had never imagined for himself and his family ----- and it was his downfall.


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